About Niloofar

Our founder, Niloofar, grew up with an Iranian father who loved to cook and to share his culture and cuisine with family and friends. Niloofar was lucky to grow up eating the most delicious Persian dishes prepared at home, and as a foodie herself, she reveled in the sights, smells, and endless possibilities in Persian cuisine. When her parents opened a restaurant in 1994, she was immersed in the restaurant industry and found her passion for the food business.

The light bulb moment was when Niloofar realized that Persian food was nearly impossible to find in grocery stores in the United States. Why was this ancient cuisine still so unknown? She made it her mission to change this, and together with her dad, set out to recreate their family recipes under the brand Niloofar.

We're introducing authentic Persian cuisine, by way of modern, exquisitely made Persian food products.

Persian food is still uncommon in much of North America, but that is changing as more and more Persian restaurants pop up, Persian books make best seller lists, and Persian chefs gain recognition.

We invite you to try it for yourself.

Noosh e Jaan!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: provide delicious, exquisitely made Persian food products.

Niloofar is passionate about bringing Persian cuisine to your home

Our Promise

At Niloofar, we promise to:

  • Provide the highest quality products to our customers, which includes sourcing our ingredients from around the globe to deliver the best
  • Support good health with plant-based products that have no added sugars and provide numerous benefits to mind and body
  • Ensure no preservatives or sulfites in any of our products, ever
  • Use organic, no GMO ingredients wherever possible
  • Remain authentic and real, with the utmost transparency