Persian-Style Almonds

Roasted with Saffron & Lime

Our Persian-Style Almonds are hand-roasted in small batches, using the highest quality blanched almonds, saffron and fresh lime. They make the perfect healthy snack, foodie gift, or grazing board accomplice!

Saffron is one of the world's most precious spices, and a signature ingredient in Persian cuisine. Its rich taste is mysterious and unique: floral, honey-like and pungent. Persians use Saffron widely: in rice, soups, tea, even desserts! And with its numerous health benefits, it is truly a legendary spice.

Ingredients: Almonds*, Fresh Lime*, Salt, Saffron*. *Organic

      No Preservatives
      Naturally Gluten Free
      No Added Sugar
      Made with Organic Ingredients
      Low Sodium